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Yoga Swing: Best Way To Practice Yoga Today

Yoga Swing

Yoga Swing is a type of a swing that gives you the best of both worlds, i.e a lots of fun and healthy lifestyle. It’s actually a fun way to practice Yoga Asana while being suspended in the air. So there is basically a strong fabric hammock by the support of which you can practice various Asanas. It’s also very useful for staying in inversions to decompress your spine which will indeed help you do other aerial yoga tricks.

Yoga Swing: Basic Meaning

Yoga Swing
Women doing Yoga Swing

Back in the days, the late yoga master, B. K. S. Iyengar popularised the practice of yoga swing with blocks, straps or ropes and improvised inversion slings. However for thousands of years, many yogis have used such devices which were hanged upside down through trees.
These days, an aerial yoga swing is rather a more sophisticated piece of equipment than the one from which Iygengar invented, it was indeed more primitive and nothing more than a rope.

Yoga Swing: Difference between Aerial Yoga and Regular Yoga

The very basic difference between Aerial Yoga and Regular Yoga is that authentic yoga is done on the ground whereas aerial yoga is done by taking the help of a swing or hammock. The hammock basically takes a considerable amount of a human’s weight which makes complex poses easier.

The core strength is used more in the case of aerial yoga as compared to regular yoga.

When you take part in regular yoga, the main focus is to ground yourself and connect to the earth. In the case of Aerial yoga, people can choose to fly in the air and decompress their spine.

Main Benefits

  • Makes your digestive system better as the poses you create through a yoga swing helps to massage your organs which in turn, stimulates the digestive system.
  • Practising aerial yoga regularly can decrease your chances of developing cardiovascular disease and other heart-related health issues.
  • While practising Aerial Yoga, you are working against gravity thereby improving balance.
  • Inversions that you perform during aerial yoga will relieve any tension in the spine thereby decompressing it.
  • It helps to detox both the lymphatic system and the circulatory system which prevents cardiovascular disease which as a result detoxifies your body and reduces bloating.
  • It also helps to detox your mind making you feel more relaxed.
  • Your respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems will all be healthy. This will prevent age-related problems. You will also appear in a better physical shape as a result of changes in another system within your body in a positive way.
  • Serotonin and Endorphins are released in your body while doing this. Which also detoxifies your brain.
  • It also helps you connect spiritually.
  • It also helps to improve your core strength and muscles.

Yoga Swing is gaining popularity day by day and in the addition, it has a number of benefits. Not only does it improves your physical strength but also it reduces stress and improves mental health in particular. Also, it has a deep spiritual side associated so it’s worth trying at least once in your life.

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