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Why Do People Cheat – Some Top Reasons?

Why Do People Cheat

“Why do people cheat” is rather a subjective question, before getting into the conclusion let’s get a little technical with this topic and discuss the difference between emotional cheating and physical cheating.

Physical Cheating- This involves sexual interaction between two people and usually does not involve emotional tension. This might happen due to several reasons and primarily because of sexual needs.

Emotional Cheating- It happens when a partner seeks for emotional support outside his or her relationship. While initially, this might not hint at being a physical involvement but it might lead to the latter.

Why Do People Cheat – What is Emotional Affair?

Let’s take an example, there is a guy named Oliver and a girl named Olivia, both are in separate relationships.. they may be met somewhere at a party and started having a conversation.. soon they started talking over phones and texts.. started discussing deep things, sharing secrets.. though they might not be physically involved, they kind of connected in n emotional level so traditionally they would not call it cheating but it is a form of cheating in a way (Why do people cheat).



One of the biggest reason for cheating is the inability to connect. The sense of disconnection can happen due to a number of reasons for example lack of communication, disconnect due to work, family and usually when the relationship is going towards a functional slant instead of being romantic.


It’s very important for two people to have communication especially in a relationship, lack of communication, many times can lead to infidelity. People tend to find that sort of comfort in other people and it consciously or unconsciously can lead to cheating (Why do people cheat).

Why Do People Cheat – LOW SELF ESTEEM

People who are not confident about themselves or have low self-esteem, they tend to indulge with many people at the same time due to their insecurities and end up cheating (Why do people cheat).

Why Do People Cheat – LACK OF BALANCE

Why Do People Cheat – LACK OF BALANCE

It might happen sometimes that one person may feel like more of a parent and the other might become more of a child. The very fact creates an imbalance in a relationship. Indeed, It creates a burden on the other partner like the person has to make all the decisions, handle all sorts of stress, manage all the finance while the other partner docent pull any weight. An affair then seems tempting in order to have a relation of equality and independence.


Fear of commitment is the most common issue these days. People sometimes get into a relationship in a hurry or due to some other reason. Later they realise that it’s not meant to be. They might not be ready for such responsibility at that moment. It leads to sabotaging of their own commitment by involving with other people (Why do people cheat).


This behaviour is often described as when people tend to have an addiction to sex, the same way as other people have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. To satisfy their desires they often indulge in different relationships which can be compulsive (Why do people cheat).

Should you Forgive your partner if they cheat?

Well, It’s a completely subjective question. But what we believe is if your partner is willing to make things work and is apologetic about it, both of them should try to understand the situation. Talk it out, analyse the fact why it happened. Though we understand it’s extremely hard to digest this situation. But just once try to get your emotional face-off and analyse the situation.

Why Do People Cheat
Why Do People Cheat – Such a paradox!

There are hundreds of reasons that lead to cheating and yes we do a free with the fact that most of them are not justified. In case you think you need help, do consult a relationship counselor, it will help you out (Why do people cheat).

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