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Tinder Pick Up Lines to Impress Guy or Girl

Tinder Pick Up Lines

Living in a fast-paced world can be quite infuriating at times, no matter how much we love the fact that everything is easily accessible, we more or less hate it for the same reason and mostly when it comes to romantic relationships (Tinder pick up lines). Gone are the days when falling in love was a slow process, people actually used to invest time and energy into each other, get to know each other and eventually fall in love.

Tinder pick up lines: So, does Old-School Romance No More Exist?

Well, don’t get me wrong it’s not that the beautiful old school romance dose not exist anymore however it’s not as prevalent as it was back then. The “happily ever after” is more of an endangered species now! So, in a generation of millennials and Gen Zs, a relationship is usually “short-lived” (not stereotyping) because of the availability of a plethora of dating apps like TINDER, BUMBLE, HINGE etc. and so many people using it. You have to be really quick-witted if you want to attract someone’s attention, so we have listed down some really cool pick-up lines that can make the other person actually think about you and who knows he/she might be the one for you, and if that turns out to be true..your love story will go like “It all started with a pick up line” (Tinder Pick Up Lines).


  • Hey! Do you have an eraser and a pencil? Because I really want to erase your past and write OUR future.
  • Are you a SUN? Because you are always shining.
  • I was just wondering in case you would like to return my heart that you stole just now?
  • I really need a Doctor right now! Because my eyes are just stuck and I can’t take them off you…
  • What even are you? A car? Because you are seriously driving me crazy!
Tinder Pick Up Lines
How to use Tinder Pick Up Lines very well?
  • Was just wondering if you would like to tell me your name, if not, can I call you MINE.
  • I love your shirt! What is it even made of? A BOYFRIEND MATERIAL? (In the case of a girl- you can use A GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL).
  • You look so familiar! Did you graduate from The University Of Greek Gods (Tinder pick up lines)?
  • Okay you know what I am going to report Spotify because I didn’t see YOU in my Hottest Singles yesterday!
  • The planet Earth is suffering from water scarcity, we gotta save water by showering together.
  • I can’t even count stars now! It’s a whole galaxy that you have given me by brightening every single day of mine.
  • Do you live inside a vending machine? Because you look like a SNACK (Tinder Pick Up Lines).
  • My day without you is like a broken pencil- Pointless.
  • Are you a free supermarket sample? Because I want to taste you again and again without any sense of shame.
  • Don’t know what’s wrong with my heart. It keeps on skipping a beat every single time I see you.
  • I usually do not hoard things but I seriously want to keep you forever!
  • Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everything else disappears.
  • Are you not feeling tired today? Because you have been running on my mind all day long.
  • Can I have your phone number, I seem to have lost mine.
  • Do you know where can Is the Chemistry class? I think it’s here between Me and You (Tinder Pick Up Lines).
  • Okay I get that NOTHING lasts forever but would you like to be my NOTHING?

When and How to use these pick up lines on Tinder?

Okay, now that you have gone through some of the unique, cute and really cool pick-up lines, it’s really important to know when and how to use them (Tinder Pick Up Lines).


Pick Up Lines used on Tinder

1) You don’t directly have to start with a pick-up line, you might seem to be someone who is trying too hard! Start with a general statement. maybe like Hey! How are you doing? And then subtly compliment her like “I really like your dress sense or your eyes or your smile.(please don’t make creepy remarks at the beginning like- I like your body or ass or anything that falls onto that category, it’s disrespectful) The point is to be as gentlemanly as possible.

2) If she gives you a positive response.. then ask to get to know her a little more and then when you see that the conversation is flowing, you can use one of these pick-up lines in between and sure it can make her blush.

3) Make sure you don’t make her feel uncomfortable, be a gentleman, girls usually like a nice gentleman with a sense of humour and charm (Tinder pick up lines).


Ladies, we know being honest is really important but hear me out! If you are really into him, you don’t have to show it so evidently at first. Take your time, play a little hard to get, trust me this behaviour usually drives men crazy! They like the CHASE and if you really find him cute, get him to chase you and not the vice versa
If you see him taking efforts in a conversation most of the times, then you can also make him go all red by using one of the pick-up lines!
Remember to be respectful and please don’t make him feel uncomfortable (Tinder pick up lines).

It’s important for both of genders to be respectful and know the boundaries. At the end of the day, it’s all about the connection and the vibe, these TINDER pick up lines might just act as a catalyst!

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