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Junk Cars: How To Use Them Well?

Junk cars

Junk cars is basically a car that is no longer in use. A car that is junk and unwanted basically signifies that the car has fought its battle and it’s ready to retire.

Definition of Junk Cars

  • Age: It should be at least 3 years old.
  • Damage: The car should be broken and be seriously deteriorated. It can have missing parts, broken windows and be severely mangled.
  • Low value: No one wants to buy old junk cars so its value will also be low i.e approx 500$.
  • License and registration: Junk cars is actually missing important official paperwork.
Junk cars
A classical Junk car
  • Stationary: The car has been parked on some random street or has been parked on someone’s property without permission.
  • Inoperable: Just because the car is no longer in use, it’s apparently inoperable.

How can you Use a Junk Car?

  • You can use it as a decor piece for your garden, you can paint it beautifully and use it as a prop for your garden.
  • If you have space inside your house, you can even use it as an antique decor piece
  • You can upcycle it to form a mini food joint of your own, it will be unique and will also appeal to the customers
  • You can grow exotic flowers inside that car, and make classical decor out of it
  • One can use it as a game room and play multiple games like table tennis, video games and even hide and seek
  • You can use it for a dinner date and make a romantic ambience out of it.
  • You can make it your personal space for reading, working and just having a chill time.

A car can either become a junker over time or it can happen instantly. It’s up to you how you creatively use it!

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