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French Nails: Is Trend working well?

French Nails

French Nails is quite a trend these days. Every girl might have taken a French manicure or French extensions at least once in a lifetime and why won’ they? They look super cool! Let’s go back in time and talk about the origination of these beautiful nails. It was actually not invented by French people but was rather an invention of an American.

Term behind French Nails

French Nails
Beautiful French Nails

The term “French manicure/pedicure” was first given by the late Jeff Pink in 1978 who is the founder of nail polish and treatment brand Orly. Some say it dates back to the 30s and some claims it was first seen during the 1800s. Whatever the history is, we absolutely love the fact that it exists.

Many did consider outdated for a specific time but that’s certainly no longer the case. This trend made a comeback in 2019 and since then it’s been booming like anything. The trend has evolved a lot into endless creative forms like dried flowers, ombre, rainbow effect and what not! Seeing from a business perspective this trend is a hit!

Key fact behind French Nails

The French manicure will pick up the scope even more after 2021, according to the reports.

Is It this year’s biggest nail trend.

There are a number of innovations that are being incorporated like vibrant colours, dry flowers, metallic hues and a lot more.
There is a huge customer base for this trend, everyone wants to experiment with it and wants to stand out among the crowd.
If you can be a little creative then that’s like a cherry on the top, attract your customers with new and unique designs (reverse tips are really in trend these days) and gradually build your brand.

French Nails will not be out of Vogue for a long time at least! If you are still in doubt if this will work or not, take our words and see your brand boom within a small period of time. It’s actually a huge waste of time if you have not included French nails in your salon. So, what are you waiting for? Get Set Go!

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