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Female Led Relationship: What is it? How is it bending the gender norms?

Female Led Relationship

Women have come a long way by breaking the patriarchal norms that were prevalent in society for ages. They still have a long distance to cover because believe it or not, it’s still a man’s world. There have been instances in every woman’s life where she has been made to feel inferior, lesser and a ‘weaker’ gender for that matter (Female Led Relationship).

Since forever, man has been given the power to take decisions, to act as a superior gender, handle all the important matters while a woman was left to household chores and taking care of the family in-house. However, the world has changed today, women are leading many departments whether it’s professional or personal. With the changing times, a new ‘concept’ has been born called ‘Female Led Relationship’ or ‘FLR’.

What is Female Led Relationship?

Female Led Relationship cannot be exactly defined because there are many layers to it but we can say it’s basically a kind of relationship where a Female has a dominant role regarding most of the things like; she is the one earning bread for the family. She is the one taking hold of every important decision in a relationship, household chores are equally separated and the male might be the one indulging in cooking, cleaning etc.

Is FLR conventional?

This kind of relationship is rather unconventional and beyond the set norms of the society because the roles are actually reversed.

Female Led Relationship
What is Female Led Relationship?

Traditionally where a man used to be the captain of the ship. Today women are ushering in a new dawn of female empowerment by being themselves.

Rules to consider while in an FLR.

  • A female is a final decision maker, a male partner can give his inputs. And she may or may not consider it, it’s totally up to her.
  • She is the earning member and the male partner is mostly involved in household chores like cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby etc.
  • With a strong authoritative power, the woman can advise her partner on self-improvement. For example, if he is drinking or smoking a lot, she has the power to stop him from doing so for his own good.
  • She also is the incharge of social gatherings, events, meetings etc.

Advantages of Female Led Relationship

  • A man is relieved of the burden of taking a lead every time. Sometimes men like to make their partner the decision-maker.
  • Every individual has a different personality. So some men aren’t just the way society expects them to be. They might like staying at home and taking care of them.
  • Many times having to take decisions and handling all the important matters might be a huge burden for men. This kind of relationship takes that burden away.
  • Women feel more empowered (Female Led Relationship).
  • Because this relationship is not male-dominated, women feel more loved, respected and cared for.

Is Female Led Relationship Toxic?

No, not at all! Men have been playing this role of dominance for ages. So letting a female take a lead is not toxic at all. However, both the partners should be respectful of each other opinions. And one should not make the other gender feel lesser and the man should not feel fully submissive or controlled (Female Led Relationship).

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