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Fashion Nova Men: Is It Worth Buying?

Fashion Nova Men

There is no doubt that Fashion Nova (men) is one of the most searched and the most popular brands in the fast-fashion industry today. Celebrities like Cardi B, Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner and other social media influencers are big fans of this brand because of its fits and designs.

In 2018, Fashion Nova launched its men’s collection and many people were going bonkers before its launch, it was all over Twitter and Instagram but was it truly worth the excitement?

Remaining true to the genre, there are plenty of rips offs from designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Off-White and a lot more. You will also find lots of basic fits with cool, internet-worthy slogans. Fashion Nova is famous for edgy, confident and out of the box, risk-taker styles and we did expect the same aesthetic from their men’s collection too, but it turned out to be a fashion NO NO
Other fast-fashion brands like ZARA, H&M and all have incorporated many styles that are not conventionally worn by men, so we expected a little drama, a certain edge to its men collection. Where it’s women collection serves rightly for the trendy women of today, it’s men collection was a little disappointing (Fashion Nova Men).

Fashion Nova Men – What is it offering?

Basic T-shirts and Tops- Fashion Nova has a basic collection for men where there are solid T-shirts, Tank tops and Similar. Prices are very affordable and range from around 5-14$.
Hoodies and Sweats- You will find colourful printed shorts and sweats with colour blocks. They certainly are cool but it’s not something we haven’t seen before.
Jackets- There are denim jackets, lightweight and outer-wears which are really basic with a little fun element in some designs.

Fashion Nova Men – What make graphic Tees special?

Fashion Nova Men
What makes Fashion Nova so special?

Graphic Tees – There are graphic Tees inspired by Pop Culture, Art, Rock and Band Tees, Art and Design. They come in different colours and are indeed really nice for men below 30 years of age.
Jeans- Skinny, Slim and Straight jeans are available in different styles such as ripped, washed, two-toned, printed etc.
Accessories- It does have quite a variety when it comes to men’s accessories such as Face Masks, jewellery, hats and caps, Beanies and Scarves (Fashion Nova Men).

So is it worth buying?

We aren’t saying their men’s collection is bad, but it’s nowhere competing with its women’s collection. It’s basic and trendy, something that you can also find in other fast-fashion brands (Fashion Nova Men).

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