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Christmas Pick Up Lines To Impress Your Crush

Christmas Pick Up Lines

Christmas is a festival of love, joy and everything merry! This is the time when loved ones gather and exchange pleasantries and everything (Christmas Pick Up Lines). It’s the time of hot cocoa, chestnut, mistletoe and everything beautiful! It’s also a perfect time for romance, getting all cozy and comfy inside your house with your partner while the snow is falling is indeed what we all crave for!

Christmas Pick Up Lines: Is it important to go out on a date during Christmas?

Friends and Family are always there but it’s like a cherry on the cake when you have your partner by your side, someone to kiss, hug and cuddle and spend time with. If you don’t have one, you sure can be out there and go out on dates to find the right one. But if you aren’t able to approach anyone or maybe you are not that much into conversations then indeed It would be a little hard for you guys.
Worry not we have got your back, we have listed some of the unique, cute and hot Christmas pick up lines that you can use in between of the conversation with your crush.

Christmas Pick Up Lines

  • “All I want for Christmas is you”, is my favourite song and my favourite wish at this festival?
  • I want you to be on my wish list this Christmas.
  • I think this Christmas I should get you a mistletoe so that we can fulfil the customary necessities by kissing each other.
Christmas Pick Up Lines
Best Christmas Pick Up Lines
  • Are you a reindeer because I want to travel the world with you?
  • Don’t worry if a big man puts you inside a bag because I asked Santa for you this Christmas.
  • Your presence transforms me into a Christmas tree because you light me up every single day!
  • I never thought that I can be a snowman, but you just made me melt.
  • Santa told me to ask you for a wish this Christmas. But if you want your wish to be granted, you will have to sit on my lap and tell me.
  • How about I fulfil all your Christmas fantasies by going down through your Chimney? Can I be your sleigh tonight? Because I want you to ride me all night long.
  • Let’s get laid under the tree by pretending to be gifted.
  • You know you are supposed to be on top of that tree because you are shining like a star
  • You know this fireplace is not doing much, I should kiss you instead, would be much hotter!
  • I have checked thrice now, you are definitely on my naughty list.
  • You know what this Christmas I don’t just need a gift. I need that whole package which is YOU.
  • Are you anyhow interested in seeing the NORTH POLE?

That Christmasy feeling

These are some of the hot yet cute ‘Christmasy’ pick up lines that you can use during the season and even off-season. These super witty Christmas pick up lines might get you a date. And then you can make your own Couple Goals. LOL! Don’t miss out on the fun this Christmas, because it’s the time when everyone is on their best behaviour and the best of moods.

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