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Chinese Street Fashion Getting Globalized

Chinese Street Fashion

Social Media trends are indeed raging like anything these days! You open your Instagram, Snapchat or any other platform you will find a plethora of trends on your screen surfacing repeatedly (Chinese Street fashion). A couple of dance challenges, fashion looks and what not, people all over the world are going bonkers over these days.

What is this Chinese Street Fashion Trend?

The very trend has cracked the internet recently! Previously, in 2020 a new trend emerged that was all about documenting the street style fashion specifically Chinese street style. In this clip, people are walking towards the camera lens in slow motion wearing impeccable fits. Usually set to the tune of Blackpink’s “How You Like That,” these people can be seen wearing tailored fits, layered outfits, cool monotones. They filmed it in the streets of Shanghai and Beijing.

Chinese Street Fashion
Chinese Street Fashion – A modern-day trend

Pages like @eromei, @sh1ryinyin, @curioussyd, and @marstruck have made this trend their actual focus. This trend is so addictive that one can literally watch this repeatedly without getting bored.

Are these clippings candid or orchestrated?

Anna Mei, who is the owner of the page @eromei, compiles the street-style videos on her popular page. She told Vogue that the footage is actually sourced from different videographers in Douyin, which is a Chinese version of Tik Tok.
According to a report from BuzzFeed, these videographers tend to capture people at district Taikoo Li in Chengdu, Beijing’s dining and nightlife district Sanlitun, and Shanghai’s fashion district Xintiandi (Chinese Street fashion).

But even if they are not candid, these kind of videos are quite amazing to see. Many people on social media tried recreating these outfits. These kind of videos are also kind of therapeutic and kind of makes rethink our own style.

Chinese Street Fashion: How watching these Style Videos can help?

Chinese Street Fashion
What makes Chinese Street Fashion as good as an apple pie?
  • It makes you step up your fashion game.
  • It can make you feel more comfortable in taking risks
  • You can incorporate new silhouettes into your wardrobe
  • Most of people wear face masks as an accessory, which makes the whole look more fashionable.
  • It makes you experiment with your personal style.

How is Fashion different from Style?

Fashion is indeed something that changes according to the Global Trends. Meanwhile, Style is something which is defined by a person’s self-expression. A person who is fashionable is more into experimenting and adopting the fashion trends, while the stylish person stays true to their style and blends the trends perfectly with their personal style.

I think every person should find their own personal style eventually and should not blindly follow trends because let’s be honest, not everything suits everyone. To be able to find your own ground in terms of personal style can be a time-taking process. Usually between 18-23 years of age, people kind of experiment with a lot of different looks but usually around 25 years of age most people are aware of what suits them and what not (Chinese Street fashion).

It’s very important to change according to fashion but don’t let just ‘trends’ dominate your ‘true style sense’. Learn to merge your personal style according to the change in fashion.

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