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80s Fashion Men: These Styles Still Work Well

80s Fashion Men

The 80s, the era of bold prints, spandex, headbands, exaggerated hairstyles, pagoda shoulders, bomber jackets, windcheaters and everything that screams bold, colourful and excessive. The decade had the loudest of fashion moments, it basically consisted of every fashion element but overdone. Many styles from back in the decade are still very relevant when it comes to 80s fashion men. Some of them still haven’t lost their spark and appeal. Let’s have a look at some of the 80s inspired clothing for men that you can still wear.

80s Fashion Men: Baggy Jumpers

80s fashion men
80s fashion men – Baggy Jumpers

Baggy Jumpers were quite a thing back in the 80s. These jumpers used to come in big and bold prints usually inspired by geometric and floral patterns. These kinds of prints and patterns you would only see in a retro theme party, to wear a baggy jumper today, you can opt for a neutral tone with maybe a minimal graphic or some really cool quote and pair it up with your usual pants or joggers, wear a pair of cool sneakers and you are good to go (80s Fashion Men).

80s Fashion Men: Bomber Jackets

80s fashion men
80s fashion – Bomber Jackets

The 80s didn’t invent bomber jackets, the style dates back to world war 1, however, the decade had its own versions. The airforce bomber which gave a military appeal, the casual bomber was rather preppier and then comes the letterman or the varsity jacket for which sole purpose was layering. This bomber jacket is still quite cool and thanks to celebrities like Kendell Jenner, Kanye, John Boyega, Eddie Redmayne and a lot more. It looks really dapper with nice fitted jeans, the look gives a cleaner yet very cool aesthetic (80s Fashion Men).

80s Fashion Men: Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts look super cool these days and are very much in trend. Back in the 80s, this shirt was popularised by Tom Selleck who was the star of television’s very famous detective series Magnum, P.I. The patterns on this shirt are colourful and bright usually inspired by Floral motifs. They still look very fashionable. You can pair it up with a 90s sunglasses, a relaxed pair of linen pants and a moustache would be like a cherry on top!

80s Fashion Men: Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim was one such trend that was very prevalent back in the day! It wasn’t as bad as the people made it sound actually. You just need that confidence to carry it. Anyways fast-forwarding to 2021, the Canadian tuxedo is such a fashion faux pas and wearing it up with a Denim jeans might not be a good idea. If you really want to rock that Denim on Denim style, go through the looks of Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Bradley Cooper and other such men. You can go for good quality denim brands like – Uniqlo, Saint Laurant and Evisu (80s Fashion Men).


Athleisure is indeed one such proactive outfit that you can wear outside the gym. It became a thing during the 80s, however, it was not the 80s invention but it became popular because hip-hop artists such as Run DMC and LL Cool J started sporting Adidas Athleisure and soon a fashion trend was born. If you are wearing premium quality track suits from brands like Nike, Uniqlo, Lulu Lemon and many more (80s Fashion Men).

Leather Jackets

Back in the 80s, this trend was worn by bikers, punks, heavy metal rock gods and many fashion-savvy men back then. It’s still a very fashionable and a statement piece, make sure to buy good quality leather to make yourself look even better. Shop from brands like RM Williams, Uniqlo, Superdry or AllSaints for premium leather jackets.

You can still rock an 80s fashion trend the trick is to blend it cleverly with the current style!

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